Case Briefing Notebooks

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Law students + case law (case briefs)² = Attorneys

Our vision for future attorneys

Quintessential law students across the nation, and the world all encounter similar or in fact the same experiences. The law school experience is so unique in that an outsider won't understand or fathom the peaks and valleys of graduating from law school and taking the bar exam. Most fail to realize the experience is what makes lawyers. Year after year, most students start by reading case books and as the year progresses, case briefing gradually withers leaving them in the struggle of hoping they won't be called to brief the case. Some of those students read the cases and maybe make some notes, the majority resort to the canned case brief, a convenient yet ineffective means of remembering black letter law.  

Law students focus shouldn’t be to survive a Socratic inquisition on material and skills that can be paramount to both bar passage and legal writing. Case-in-brief's goal is to encourage students to write their own case briefs. Case briefing's long history in law school has remained the same throughout the digital age, but the impact of doing case briefing in one's own hand writing words can change and empower lawyers in training. 

Case-in-brief aims to direct that impact to a format that students foster when considering cardinal points in the courses they are taking. Putting a case briefing notebook in the hands of students can make a huge impact on activities so essential to law school studies.  Adopting our vision to innovate the way the case briefing task serves its purpose for students is a viable option in continuing law student success.